Membership Levels

These memberships are for those who aren’t interested in any training but want to take advantage of our network of creatives for performing and production opportunities.

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These memberships are for those who are interested in building/maintaining their skills. Members are free to attend any class they like as many times as they like depending on their level. You pay a monthly fee and then whenever you want to show up to class, you just have to reserve your spot at least 3 hours in advance. Also includes producer-level membership access to the Creative Veins Social Network, a vibrant online hub that brings together a diverse community of improvisers, comics, actors, filmmakers, and writers. The Creative Viens Social platform serves as a welcoming space for individuals to connect, socialize, and forge meaningful connections. Whether you’re looking to spark new projects, seek out like-minded peers, or simply share your creative journey, it’s more than just another social network; it’s a supportive and inspiring force within the Atlanta creative community, dedicated to cultivating opportunities and uniting the city’s artistic talents.

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Taping memberships are for those who are interested in having on-call access to our amazing equipment and coaches. Normally you’re required to schedule 24 hours in advance and it’s $30 per half hour but members just need to give us a 3-hour notice and can tape as much as they like.

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